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Kendo helps you find and verify business and personal email addresses, so you can connect with the right people for your business.
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Kendo Key features


Find personal and business email
addresses directly from LinkedIn profiles.
Kendo Email Finder will find, verify, and save the leads with enriched data, including name, role, company and emails.
Our free linkedin email finder chrome extension will find the contact enriched data with a single click. LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and Recruiter are supported.


Can't find Gmail emails with
Connect with any company using Kendo.
Enter domain or company name and instantly find the contacts that are right for your business.
Get a list of emails, including names, roles, and social profiles.
The only email hunting tool that provides personal and business emails.


Instantly verify emails to avoid bounces
and keep your email reputation intact.
Upload your list to verify email addresses.
Kendo Email Verification engine will run multiple validation rules on each email to clean the invalid emails and make sure that your message reaches the right contact.


Send the right message to the right person at the right time.
Just enter a person’s email address, and kendo transforms that data into a complete person’s profile such as full name, company, job title, location, and social media profile.


Search or verify email addresses in bulk.
Find personal and business email addresses from a list of contact profiles or from specific companies.
Or use our LinkedIn sales navigator email extractor and LinkedIn profile finder to extract bulk email addresses automatically.
Check out our example email list


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You Use It. We Integrate It.

Find your leads with Kendo and automatically sync their contact info with your CRM/ATS. Because if you are not integrating into your tech stack, you are losing time and money.

We help our customers generate more revenue

Kendo is a game-changing extension.Great tool for emailing connections and creating unique lists of leads.

Yani RavskyEntrepreneur

Its been a few weeks since I started using this plugin and I'm thrilled to let you know that it is amazing,i run a digital marketing agency and we use this tool on a daily basis mainly in finding in emails of our potential customers.

Shehan BopearachchiSocial media specialist

Awesome to have Kendo as a prospecting assistant! Having the ability to directly message our potential candidates increased our response rates significantly.

Kira AgarwalLead Generator

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