Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Kendo tools and known resolved issues.

General questions
You can see the current credits balance in the Usage section of your Kendo dashboard.
Yes, you can create a free account and get 50 credits each month.
You can have only one free account to comply with Kendo Terms of use.
Email Finder
You are charged with credit only when you click on "Show" to reveal the full contact details.
If you already revealed this contact details in the past, "Show" button wont be available
Kendo will provide you with verified emails at the lowest cost to help you reach out to the right prospects and turbo-charge your lead generation.
Kendo will get you corporate and personal email addresses and phone numbers when available.
Domain Search
Kendo Domain Search will find corporate and personal email addresses of professionals in any company by entering the domain name, company or website.
There are three main possible reasons:
1. There is not enough data to be found for this domain name on the public web.
2. Data is available, but Kendo web crawlers couldnt access it.
3. The results are hidden for legal reasons.
In Kendo Domain Search, if a most common pattern is found for a domain, a "Keyword" section will appear. There you can type a first name and last name to find the email address for a specific professional.
Using Kendo Domain Search youll be able to find all public email addresses associated with a domain and other additional contact information associated with the email address (when available), including full name, private email, phone number, job title, Twitter profile, LinkedIn profile.
Email Verification
Kendo email verifier will clean your email lists from invalid emails.
Invalid and obsolete emails may result in a higher bounce rate, lower sender reputation, and subsequent ESP blocking.
Our email verification tool will maintain a high sender reputation for your email account by increasing the speed of your campaign.
Unless an actual email is sent to it, the validity of an email address cannot be checked with 100% accuracy. However, after using Kendo for email verification, the bounce rate of emails in the valid state was only 3.72%.
This means you can use Kendo email verification to keep the average deliverability of your emails above 98%.